Concert For Cash 2011

WHAT:4th Annual Concert For Cash with The Hollyfelds and Hillbilly Inferno
WHEN: Saturday, January 22, 2011
WHERE: The Oriental Theater (
4334 West 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
WHO: The Hollyfelds with Hillbilly Inferno
WHY: To raise money for programs at The Children’s Hospital
: $35.00 VIP Patron Party / $20.00 General Admission(doors open GA at 7:15 pm),

available by calling 303-550-4310,

at the door

or online at

Or purchase directly online at:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fox and Betty

HI, So i ran into the Fox on Friday am while running with Stripey. I know Cashie was just making sure his Mommy was ok and had a good weekend.

Betty Lipton said he vivists me. i think she was surprized when I said he was here this morning. We are working on our paperwork for the Nepal Adoption. Very exciting, so much paper!!!!!!

Whatever it takes to get our son backwith us.

The Boulder Bolder heart attatck man is ok.

All is well.
I love you my Beanie.

Cashie's Mommy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boulder Bolder 2009

Page and I just ran the Boulder Boulder for the 2nd year. We ran last year as a way to just get thru. and this year was really not that different.

An older man collaped in front of us while running the race. page was on his phone calling 911 and I was trying to get him rolled over with the help of other runners and check if he was breathing. the paramedics came, the ambulance came, we don't know if he is ok but they did get his heart restarted. it happened in a flash and i just can only pray that this mans family know where he is now.
i hope he's ok.

life can go in a flash, just like that and i hope to take more time with those I love make more of an effort . even with all we have been thru......this man was just running the freakin boulder bolder. please let's all have a little more time with our families and friends. even if they drive us batty. just send the love their way today.

Can't wait to see you again Beanie,

cashie's Mommy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

may 14th

Happy Angel Day Cashie.

My hero, my shining star. my son. I miss you so much. Daddy and I are going to do somethin fun together today to celebrate you!!!!!

You are my angel.
I love you,
Cashie's Mommy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cash Healing Garden

It's built!!!!!!!!!! I am still in shock that we actually did it. With a lot of help from everyone but the garden at Children's Hospital is finished. except for a few details like engraving the's done.

Invites are out :

June 14Th at 11am at The Children's Hospital in Aurora, Co

we will meet at the main entrance and walk over together.

Holly Anderson, our Children's hero and friend, will be there to assist in getting everyone a visitors pass for the event.

We hope to see you then, on June 14th.

Happy Mother's Day

Cashies Mommy