Concert For Cash 2011

WHAT:4th Annual Concert For Cash with The Hollyfelds and Hillbilly Inferno
WHEN: Saturday, January 22, 2011
WHERE: The Oriental Theater (
4334 West 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
WHO: The Hollyfelds with Hillbilly Inferno
WHY: To raise money for programs at The Children’s Hospital
: $35.00 VIP Patron Party / $20.00 General Admission(doors open GA at 7:15 pm),

available by calling 303-550-4310,

at the door

or online at

Or purchase directly online at:

Monday, August 20, 2007


4 1/2 years ago on the day that Joed(Dad) died I was driving home from work in a terrible snow storm and turned on the radio and heard Sheryl Crow(the last concert Joed and I saw together)..not so unusual some may say, but I believe that was dad saying "Hey Tricia, I am right here, not so far away and you will always have me nearby" A few days later I was driving through downtown Montpelier, VT and saw this man, it WAS Joed I would swear to anybody, this man was stooped over getting something out of his car and I just could not take my eyes from him, it was dad!!! I have seen this man and heard"Dad" music many times since then and truly believe that it is him talking to me. I described once to somebody as Dad talking to me through my radio(they still think I am a bit off my rocker). He is there when I need to see him and when I need to hear him. I truly believe that our loved ones speak to us and that Cash's red fox is your sign to persevere. He is saying Mom and Dad I am right here you just have to be open to a new way to see me. I have been giving this a lot of thought lately and was in a coffee shop in Portland last week and happened to pick up one of those little local artsy type papers that I know Teri loves to read. Well I read the whole thing(unusual for me, I usually just skip around and look @ pics and stuff) and the last article was about this woman who is a stained glass artist. What drew me to the article was a piece she did w/dragonflies shown w/the article. The article was about how this woman's daughter was very ill and she had to find a way to support herself and stay close to home to take care of her terminally ill child. She ended up opening her own stained glass studio on Munjoy Hill in Portland and is very well known for her work. Well, her daughter sadly passed away and with the grief only a parent would know this woman was looking for a way to just go on and try to live. She looked out the window and saw a dragonfly. She was so taken w/it that she went over to the window and started taking pics of it and it did not move away and did not seem to fear her. When the dragonfly finally left the woman looked down and saw a page of a coloring book that had belonged to her daughter. She took this as a sign from her child. Thus she made the dragonfly piece pictured in the article. Later the woman found out that in ancient Japanese or Chinese(I can't remember which) culture it was believed that the dragonfly was a messenger between the living and deceased. She has had many encounters since with dragonflies in one way or another and is sure that it is her daughter giving her encouragement to her mom.
I guess what I am trying to say is... you are not alone and I believe that Cash is with you and you are both finding ways to see that. I think that is really a gift that he has given you to open up your minds to see things in a different way and know he loves and supports you both.

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