Concert For Cash 2011

WHAT:4th Annual Concert For Cash with The Hollyfelds and Hillbilly Inferno
WHEN: Saturday, January 22, 2011
WHERE: The Oriental Theater (
4334 West 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
WHO: The Hollyfelds with Hillbilly Inferno
WHY: To raise money for programs at The Children’s Hospital
: $35.00 VIP Patron Party / $20.00 General Admission(doors open GA at 7:15 pm),

available by calling 303-550-4310,

at the door

or online at

Or purchase directly online at:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday nite

Hi, It's 11/18..........Cash's 10 month bday. To celebrate we went skiing at ABasin our first Family ski day in over a year. It was a great way to spend our day, in the Mountains, on snow, with the pups and Cash.where things make more sense. It filled me up with Hope for us, for me , for Cash. That little boy turned me into a Mommy. and now I just can't not be Moms(that's what I call myself these days). I am blessed. Tears and all I am blessed.

It also means the Benefit Concert is just 8 weeks away!
Yikes!We have been getting loads of questions about the Silent Auction:

You can donate whatever feels right to you. Some things that have been already donated:
Hand Knit items
Ski Jacket
possibly wine
Gift Certificates
Sports memorabilia

Whatever you want, just make sure you get the Donation for to me so I can send it on to The Children's Hospital Foundation so You can have a reciept for your taxes....

We are grateful today. We are parents today. Cash is with us today.

Please send blessings/prayers and good thoughts out to My Cousin Ellen. Today is not a great day for her......and she's a very special apst of our lives.

Many thanks,
Cash's Mommy

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