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Sunday, July 15, 2007

glass half full

What am I doing? That's what I ask myself a lot these days. it's hard to keep going when my heart is so broken.....and then a nice person will share something with me and I see that I am here on Earth for some purpose...and I need to keep remembering that my glass is half full.

I just miss Cash so much. Grief is a tough one, to still try and be a part of the daily life I lead(being a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, owning a business, being a boss, being a heart broken Mommy) you know sometimes I ask God Why? and then sometimes i just so THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!!

I have had many emails and calls this week from dear people sharing their life stories with me and friends that say they read the blog all the time. That makes me feel great that this is being read.

More of our neighbors are coming out to express how sorry they are for us. It really helps me feel safer in this world when the people we live next to are aware of what 's going on.

I went to Winter Park today to see my favorite singer ever-Slaid Cleaves. It was a tough trip and a good trip. trying to take care of what I really need and not care about what anyone else does is a tough one for today was a big step. This week was a big for me. I also stood up to someone who I have let has in the past really do a number on me....but I stood up to her and told her to never speak to me again in the way that she did. Scary but necessary.

I thought I had a good backbone before now I am starting to realise how strong it is. Watch out world!

My glass is half has to be.Cash wouldn't have it any other way. God bless my son. God bless all you who love us. God bless my broken heart.

Cash's Mommy

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splindholm said...

teri - as i read, i and page and cash have touched me and i just want you to know i think about you all often. you are in my heart! keep pushing forward in your life - it appears that you are learning something new everyday! i will continue to read your posts - stacy